This article is about the education term relating to the general aesthetic properties of things produced
for educators. 

Disambiguation: This article does not refer to art kitsch or education relating to the marketing / production of cheeses.

Edukitsch or Educheese

Edukitsch or Educheese refers to a general condition in education where technologies, visual aids, and media marketed to teachers and educational institutions is drastically inferior in design to items marketed to the general public. This sub-standard market of inferior products and services is able to exists because of a confluence of factors limiting educators and education institutions, including but not limited to:
  • E-rate funding
  • Non education-friendly EULA statements
  • Lack of funding for anything that is not aligned with standardized assessments.
I might also add that due to the pervasive nature of Edukitsch or Educheese the actual aesthetic sensibilities of most educators becomes warped from that of the general public so that teachers are often unable to recognize that something looks "cheap" or "tacky" and they do not understand why their students are disinterested, skeptical, or flat-out antagonistic toward the apps, media, and activities teachers excitedly introduce.


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