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New Edmodo Groups

As teacher-professionals, we have many communities in our own Personal Learning Networks or PLN's. We can use hashtags in twitter, for example, to float ideas, ask questions, and share best practices in our field. Our students don't often have the same luxury. This is a valuable 21st century skill that tools such as Edmodo only go so far to address. I've recently opened up some Independent studies to my students, and I want them to experience community on a large scale around their project of choice. I want them to be able to share their work, their frustrations, and their ideas with a community beyond the walls of my school. I've put together two groups so far (more to follow) in Edmodo , and I'm opening them up for others to join. I've shared them with the "Computer Technology" community on Edmodo, and I hope to have more teachers and students join our groups. I'd also like to eventually create groups for other projects my stud