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Presentation Tools for Teachers (& Students)...

...that aren't overdone. This year, my colleagues and I moved into a renovated building. One of the upgrades that every teacher experienced was a classroom equipped with a ceiling-mounted computer projection unit, a Mobi (mobile whiteboard), and a Laptop.  As a result, the number of us using PowerPoint for every lesson has grown exponentially. The explosion of Power Point aided lessons has in some cases led to an exponential growth in students placing Power Point on the same level as thick worksheet packets and lengthy standardized assessments. Further, many teachers are starting to feel the same way after being subjected to poorly constructed and delivered presentations by students. What happened to this tool that at the start seemed so engaging and dynamic? Essential Question: How do teachers navigating this new world of projection screens, Smartboards, etc. keep things fresh? Let's look at some presentation tools and techniques available to any teacher with an Internet

Candy Bar Templates

Hey Mr. Reck's Candy Unit kids, Here's a wonderful treat for you. I've made two vector candy bar wrappers for you to Photoshop.  They work similarly to the Sneaker templates used in my class. I intend to add a screencast to this post soon on using the templates. Templates This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License .

Resources for Branding and Company Design

Here's a shout out to all of the eighth graders working on Reck's Candy Unit. Helpful Articles Designing a killer logo Choosing a name 10 Principles of the Logo Design Masters Inspiration Tutorials Logo / Identity Related: Text Effects in Photoshop Text Effects in Illustrator Step-by-step Logo Design Logo Design Process Logo Design Tutorial Logo Process Tutorial Identity Package - Illustrator Packaging etc. Illustrator Energy Drink Package Tutorial Snack Packaging