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Gamification, Gamer Personality, and Match Making

Back in 2010, when the concept of gamification was new to most of us, I remember trying to add game elements to my classroom. I remember being further inspired to do so my amazing TED talks from Dr. Jane Mcgonigal in 2010 and Gabe Zichermann in 2011. I remember discussing it with others in a group lead by Jeff Mummert . At that time, we felt like we were building gamification experiences out of duct tape and baler twine. Occasionally, we would discover a tool we could “splice” on to our classroom, but more often than not, our IT departments would block that tool almost as soon as we began using it. Most gamers today are a combination of player types. Today, we are blessed to have myriad gamification tools for education available. Some of my favorites are Classcraft , ARIS , and Edmodo’s Badges , but there are a lot more. All of them scratch a specific gamification itch. Some scratch many. None, in my opinion, cover all bases. The Premise I’d like to propose that the most suc