WoW, I'm finally giving this a try...

My character in a starting area.
It's time to get my nerd on! After reading the testimonies of countless educators, being inspired by Jane McGonigal's first TED talk, and reading "WoW in School; a hero's journey", I finally took the plunge. I am trying World of Warcraft. This shall be interesting...

I hope to get some experience with this game and perhaps con some friends (& preferably colleagues) into coming online with me.

So far, after playing for about a week, I have more questions than answers. For example, does my player need to eat? There certainly is a lot of food around but I've been fasting this whole time. I can read extensive articles on the wiki about food, food types, food preparation, and even feeding pets in the game. Nothing tells me whether my character will eventually drop dead from starvation. That would be interesting...

I'd be happy to accept any tips from you, my blogosphere peeps (& tweeps) on this one. I had to use Runescape in an online class I took (and eventually taught), and the help of others in getting started was precious. I was able to help a lot of my participants in that game as a facilitator. Hopefully, I can find a mentor to guide me. I'll keep you posted.
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