New Project in Process: Coding & Programming

I'm working on a two new posts dealing with my Game Design, Game Based Learning, & Gamification Adventures. They should be rolling out next week. Meanwhile, I've been thinking a lot about Coding & Programming thanks to this video:

As a result, I developed the project below for my classes. I could use ideas or feedback on:
  • Adding more Gamification elements.
  • Scope and Sequence issues.
  • Providing better resources.
Also, I would like to offer it up to any other CIT teachers out there who are interested. Come along for the ride. We can try this together.
  • Project Wiki (feel free to contact me about joining).
  • Edmodo Group for this project (Send me a message if you send a join request)
  • My Class Website (if you're interested in stealing ideas from my other projects)
Hope to hear from you soon.


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