PLN Follow Friday

Okay, so I've had a lot of folks that are new to Twitter ask me this week about the folks I follow. It got me thinking. Follow Friday's, or "#ff" have become a Twitter standard practice. Since we're all psyched about Will Richardson's suggestions of building our own networks yesterday, I thought we should do a PLN Follow Friday.

For the good of the cause, choose one or two of your Tweeps, whom you consider to share very relevant, challenging, or useful information on a regular basis. Compose a quick tweet on Friday (that's tomorrow already) like this:

#techitu #ff @jgates513 @willrich45 Great consistent tweets on #edtech
Let us know briefly why you follow them. Do they post on your subject? Do they share great Edtech resources? Do they challenge you and sharpen your practice?

Those of us trying to build our own PLN via Twitter can watch these #ff posts and choose, hopefully, to follow those who are most relevant to us.

Good luck and great tweeting.


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