Cheers, Jeers, & Tsuki

In a post totally unrelated to any mentioned in my Monday mash-up, I must declare: Cheers for Mr. John Pontolillo, 20, of Wall, N.J!!!  Jeers for the Baltimore city police for detaining him.

Back Story

So my local news just carried the first paragraph:
A Johns Hopkins University student armed with a samurai sword killed a man who broke into the garage of his off-campus residence early Tuesday,

along with a comment that police were still investigating the student.  I decided to give this the benefit of the doubt, but then I read the above article.  Mr. Rice, the suspect / victim apparently has quite a record including many recent incidents where our criminal justice system failed to get him locked up.


All I could think of when I read this story was character, Burt Gummer' s line from Tremors .
...Broke into the wrong [darn] rec room, didn't ya?...

Again, bravo John Pontolillo!!


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