My Ubuntu Studio Desktop adventures

After fixing my screen resolution and solving my internet woes with Comcast (bad connector that took 5 months and 3 visits to discover whilst they tried to blame my modem, my router, and finally my operating system), I've begun the hard task of setting up my desktop environment, a home network for file and print sharing, and getting some entertainment necessities loaded.

First of all, let's talk about desktop eye-candy.  After much pain and suffering, I decided to go with BerylCompiz was buggy and crazy.  I really don't give a darn about cubes and desktop switchers.  I just wanted a transparent appearance for for my windows, which you can see below.


As mentioned briefly before, I've broken down and installed Innotek's Virtualbox because several of my favorite programs, Like Macromedia (not Adobe) Fireworks 8, were a bit buggy under CXOffice.

I still can't seem to get network printing worked out with our Dapper box, which is hosting the printer.  Perhaps I can break down and attach the printer to my Studio box.  I just didn't want the printer taking up space on my already cluttered desk.  I'm not much for posting linux tutorials because I don't feel comfortable enough to teach others yet.  I do, however, rely heavily on the tutorials and "how-tos" of others.  That said, I'll post a list of the resources I used to set up my desktop here:

I'll post more here later, when I get to my home computer.  Things that I absolutely wouldn't recommend include:

  • Cedega (this is a complete rip.  It works about half as well as crossover.  Just use a virtualbox and save the pain)


  1. i don't have one clue what you are talking about. you lost me at ubuntu. =[

  2. You really did a nice job! What theme are you using in the screenshot? Did you download the wallpaper somewhere?

    Thanks for the article, you motivated me to install Ubuntu on my old Fujitsu laptop that was just gathering dust.


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