The Noble Experiment: Part II (implementation 1)

Okay, so I've been a little distracted lately, what with changing diapers and feeding and just plain enjoying the company of my 1-month-old son.  My distraction, however abruptly ended when, in one week, my Windoze Vista single-handedly:

  • Destroyed my Flash Drive (not kidding... my Lexxar USB drive doesn't even open anymore.  It's just dead).

  • Deleted files I was backing up to a CD on the CD and the HD because it "lost the connection"

  • Wouln't record sound in Macromedia Captivate (perhaps the only program for which I keep windoze around).

With renewed fervor, I installed Ubuntu Feisty 64 bit (thinking this was a good idea because I have an Intel Core 2 Duo.  After two days of "force architecture" headaches. I decided to just put good old 32 bit Ubuntu Studio on the old Acer.  It's awesome.



First, I ran all of the updates and installed Crossover Office.  I opened Synaptic and added JRE, Flash Plugin, and Adobe Reader.  Then with excitement, trepidation and fear in my heart, I added Virtualbox.


The Package installer was pretty slick.  I just clicked on it, and let it go.

After I ran the installer, I added myself to the Vbox Users group under "Users and Groups".  Then, I restarted the system, set up a new box, and popped in my win2k disc (you really didn't expect me to mount Vista again did you??).  Anyway, I nstalled the vbox guest additions to get 32 bit color depth in win2k and installed Fireworks (or tried).  It turns out that I needed SP4.  No problem!  I downloaded SP4.  Then I installed Fireworks.



Then, I used the how to at to install Flash, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks, through Crossover Office.  Fireworks actually works in crossover, but there's some functionality lost.  For those features that don't work in Crossover, I can open FW8 in my Virtualbox.

Here's a shot of Flash 8 in Crossover.


The current challenge I am now facing is getting my screen resolution in Ubuntu to a widescreen format.  My monitor, for example calls for 1440x900.  I've tried several suggestions from "How To"s newsgroups, etc. and I've had every result from no change at all to a complete loss of my monitor necessitating a login in the failsafe terminal to recover my old 1024x768 resolution.  Any ideas??


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