Hudson Taylor Walters

I didn't expect him to be purple when they took him out, a metallic purple-grey color.  He, of course began to turn a nice fleshy color as they cleaned him up.  I cut the cord!  I never thought I'd be able to.  I am definitely the squeamish type.  I was fine though, and blood and goo from the cord shot all over my scrubs.  I'm sitting here in our maternity room waiting for Lanette to come back from recovery.   I can't believe how big my son is!  Hudson came out at 8 pounds, 15.9 ounces.  In the real, non-doctor, world we like to call that 9 pounds. 

My life is going to be very different from here on out.  As I watched them clean and care for my son in the nursery, I winced when he cried and worried throughout the whole process.  It's amazing how much love and care you can have for this little person you haven't even gotten to know yet. 

What a blessed day.

Clint (a new Dad!) Walters


  1. Congrats, Daddy-O! May the sleepless night begin!


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