New Videos on Tracing Floorplans in Sketchup

One of the projects students may choose in my CIT 7 & 8 classes is Sustainable Design. The Goal: Design and advertise a home for a 4-person family living in the US using (around 3,000 sq. feet max) at least one Sustainable Architecture principle or Green Energy Source.

As a part of the project, students will demonstrate a variety of technology fluency skills in the context of completing the following components:
  1. Research (tagged to your student Diigo account and our class Diigo group).
  2. Scale Floor Plan drawings (rendered in Google Sketchup or MS Visio)
  3. Student Choice 1:
    • Promotional Materials
    • Interior design Moodboards
    • Landscape Design Plan
    • Elevation Renderings in Sketchup
  4. Pecha-Kucha presentation of project as endcap (last week of class).
In addition, students will regularly participate on an online community on Edmodo that includes multiple schools across & outside of the country.

One of the challenges of providing a choice of complex projects in which students may demonstrate skills is managing the instruction of myriad specialized applications. I've been accomplishing this through Schooltube & Screencastomatic. Here are three of my most recent tutorials on drawing in Google Sketchup.

Step 1: Importing a Sample Floorplan into Sketchup

Step 2: Drawing interior & exterior walls

Step 3: Push / Pull & 3d awesomeness...

These are part of the larger series listed here:
  1. Step 1 - Import & Prep your Floorplan
  2. Step 2 - Finish Interior and Exterior Walls
  3. Step 3 - Push / Pull Walls etc.


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